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 Water Update 2 - GUI

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Lauri L.

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PostSubject: Water Update 2 - GUI   Tue 20 Oct 2015 - 22:15

Hello everyone.

Today we got a new update for you!

New features:

  • New GUI with health, hunger, thirst and stamina

We have also recorded our first video but without sound.

Notes about the video:

We have not yet added swimming to the game so you can walk under the waterlevel. On the GUI the stamina drops when you sprint or jump. If you don't have enough stamina to jump, you use up all your remaining stamina for nothing. Palm trees in the game are fully implemented but other trees are not. In the video you can see the character walking through some of the trees (not palm trees). There are also 2 trees in the video that are finished. We are gonna finish all the trees soon. There are a few map glitches here and there. Also there is no sound for some reason.

We might also release a test build for public tests soon.

Thanks for joining us today. Next update soon.
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Water Update 2 - GUI
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